We Increase Leads and Sales In Every Platform

Traffic is no more abundant than the air we breathe. It is everywhere and easily obtained, but if not properly consumed can lead to a very deadly ending for your business. To successfully grow your business, you need targeted leads, buying customers, profitable sales and converting traffic. To do that, you need people like us to ensure it happens with any and all of your online marketing campaigns.

Serious Landing Benefits

Building websites, landing pages and setting up advertising campaigns is easy. Sure. “Anyone can do it,” they say. While that’s true, not everyone can do it right. If that were the case and since the average reading level for American adults is about 7th to 8th grade level, why not hire the work out to a 7th or 8th grader? Because that doesn’t make business sense.

Just because someone knows the basic structure, doesn’t mean they have the time, experience, resources and out-of-the-box thinking to get it done. SeriousLanding is about making a positive impact on your ability to generate more targeted leads, increase your customerbase, generating more sales and profits and spending less money out of pocket in the shortest time possible. Sound about right to you?

Boost Sales

Quite frankly, if you’re not boosting sales, you’re losing sales. You don’t want that.

Higher Conversions

This means you can make more money with less traffic. That’s smart.

Increase Profits

Knowing how to increase your profits without creating more products is genius.

Generate More Leads

More leads means more opportunity to sell your SH*T! Nope. We are not PG.

Advertising Expert

We can sell anything you have available to sell. Even that clown doll on your desk.

Grow Customerbase

They say leads is the lifeblood of your business. No, it’s your customerbase.

Traffic Generation

Nice websites and landing pages still need targeted traffic to make money.

Marketing Geniuses

If you’re looking for average or above average marketing skills, go away.

All Industry Friendly

Focusing only on one industry doesn’t make you an expert, it’s just lazy.

Long Standing Success Case Study

This case study dates back to 2009 and the client went from generating $5k/m to $15k without increasing traffic. Once traffic and promotion was added, it consistently produced upwards of $30k/m  and more for the past 8 years.

Though it may not be our HIGHEST sales record to date, it has certainly been the most consistent landing page and sales copy to date and converting traffic ranging from organic SEO to AdWords PPC and Facebook advertising. No matter what traffic we threw at it, it converted.

Devoted to Your Success

We don’t want to be responsible for wasting any of your time, money or effort. We ONLY want you to succeed, so trust us when we say we will do everything we can to ensure that every step of the way is handled with care, professionalism and efficiency.

We put every project into our management center and assign staff from both day shift and night shift. Each shift has 1 corporate manager, 2 project managers, 2 QAs, 2 customer support, 2 technical support and at least 1 designer and marketer depending on the project. That means you have at least 10 people per shift (20+ people) handling your project and passing the required back and forth among each other. This ensures your project gets moving faster and completed sooner.

Landing Page Flow Chart

Every landing page we build will be different in their own way, but this is the basic structure of EVERY landing page service we offer. That means you are not paying for just ONE SINGLE PAGE. It includes the creation and research necessary to have your optin landing page to capture the lead. We then try to capture it again when they try to leave to push them on to the same offer.

Once a lead is in the funnel, we continue pushing them through and maximizing your sales and profits. If you don’t think you have enough downsells or upsells to make it happen, we can help you figure out how to do it. Just ask for a free consultation and we’ll help you figure out a way to increase your revenue with this sales funnel process.

Autoresponder emails following up with your leads is wonderful, but what about visitors that never opted in at all? Even if you opt-in 30% of your visitors, you lose 70% of them! If you have the Facebook or AdWords Re-targeting setup, you might not lose all 70%. In fact, with this marketing strategy in place, you can actually follow them around where ever they go.

Imagine what can happen when a visitor stops by your website, leaves it and goes on with their normal daily life. Suddenly, they see an ad on Facebook or other pages that uses AdSense saying something like, “Hey, you! You were just on my website, but you didn’t opt in. Okay, you weren’t excited about that, but I have something else for you. Check this out…”

Let’s say they click on it, land on the page and they STILL don’t take action. Guess what, they can go about their day the next day and suddenly, “Hey, you! I know you looked at my other offer, what gives? I gave you more and you still don’t commit. Listen, I got something so special, it’ll blow your socks off and eat it. Check this out…”

Point is, you can have ads up that can keep following them around and point them to where ever. To a new offer, back to an offer they didn’t take or just having them take different action even after they are a customer. The power of re-targeting ads.

Lead Generation for Every Business

From local shops and professionals to online stores, consultants and coaches or Inc 500 companies, we take your business SERIOUSLY. We’re all in business to make money and we know that is the livelihood not only for your company, but your personal well-being. We don’t play around with it when it comes to helping your business grow, generate more sales and revenue.